The Effects of Syria Economic Sanctions on Civilian Abuse 

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Both multinational organizations and governments enforce economic sanctions to try and change the decisions of the nonstate actors and of the state that threatens or violates their interests. While there are those who agree that sanctions have been effective in enhancing foreign policy, there are some who think that sanctions are not well thought and therefore not successful in creating the impact needed. Economic sanctions are therefore the withdrawal of financial relations and customary trade for security policy and foreign purposes. Learn more about Syria Sanctions and Civilian Abuse at Mark Dubowitz. These sanctions can be comprehensive, or they may be targeted to particular people, groups or businesses.
Several strides have been made in the implementation of sanctions, with the recent sanctions intending to reduce the suffering of innocent civilians which is otherwise known as civilian abuse. There are different forms which sanctions take, and these include asset freezing, travel bans, arms restrictions, reduction of foreign aids, capital restraints and also trade restrictions. The main reason why economic sanctions are imposed to Syria is so that they can punish, force or shame the entities that violate the interests of the international behavior. These sanctions have been used to advance counternarcotics, counterterrorism, democracy and human rights promotion, nonproliferation, cyber security and conflict resolution.
Sanctions are forms of intervention that are viewed as a lower-risk course of action between war and policy. The policymakers might consider sanctions as a response to crises that is foreign in which the national interests are less important or military action is not realizable. Sanctions can be issued by leaders as they look for more punitive measures to enforce. When there is a violation of the sanctions that have been imposed, that can lead to massive fines, damage to stature and loss of business. Click here to Read more about C Syria Sanctions and Civilian Abuse. There have been many banks that have been persecuted because of non-conformation to the sanctions that have been imposed.
Conventionally, sanctions only restrict the corporations and citizens of Syria from transacting business with another country that has been blacklisted. Nevertheless, secondary sanctions are meant to control the economic activities of businesses, governments, and citizens of third countries. A majority of governments, therefore, take these sanctions as a violation of the international law and their sovereignty. So that sanctions work in the best way, there is need to observe some things while designing policy. The set goals need to be attainable. Another best practice to be observed when setting sanctions policy is to build multilateral support so that more states sign the sanction and that will assist in the implementation process. Based on the behavior of the target country, the sanctions need to be flexible and credible so that they prevent civilian abuse. Learn more from

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